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“Join us today, and we will make your card transactions secure by providing professional recourse to remedy all disputed transaction”

Transmedia Payment Services Ltd. is a credit card chargeback loss prevention firm that works with merchants, to help them win chargeback's. When a merchant is challenged with an unwarranted disputed transaction, Transmedia will step in to insure that the chargeback and representment rules and laws are properly explored and exercised.  With the knowledge in these areas, we have  developed advanced procedures and methods to effectively retrieve and defend against guaranteed losses to merchants


Transmedia is made up of loss prevention experts and self-proclaimed "dispute gurus". Our mission is to make card transactions secure by appropriately providing recourse to remedy disputed transaction, for merchants. Our company was founded in 2003 by Bernard Klein and is currently headed by Klein, Isaac Klar and Sam Neuman. It currently employs a staff of 19, operating from their Brooklyn , NY headquarters. We handle today approximately $10 million in chargeback case volume each month.


Not only does Transmedia specialize in understanding the intricacies of chargeback and Fair Credit rules, we also have investigative services specializing in the latest card-not-present transaction scams. We have aggressive investigators on staff, and locate responsible parties daily. "When we look at the pattern of a fraud claim and order, we will very easily determine what type of fraud scenario that will fall under, and the whether merchandise may still be retrievable."


Transmedia does not require merchants to make any changes to their current systems and they do not charge set up fees. For many merchants they are facing a lost dispute, so they have nothing to lose.

In issues that do not involve fraud, we successfully resolve more than 90% of the chargeback's. In issues of true fraud, our rate is approximately 70%.


Our services include:

 Effective Chargeback Re-presentment on all disputes, including:

  • Fraudulent transactions

  • Non-receipt of Merchandise claims

  • Defective or Not-as-described claims

  • Disputes over shipping& restocking fees 

  • Professional guidance to prevent chargeback’s

  • Professional consulting how to implement your store policies to meet the credit card chargeback regulations

  • Merchant Educational Seminars

  • Reserve account reconciliation and negotiation with processors and banks

  • Preparing expert evaluation analysis and damage estimates for use in trial

  • MATCH Report (A/K/A Terminated Merchant File) review and removal

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