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Fighting ChargeBacks End To End!

  • Are you getting hurt by unwarranted chargeback’s?

  • Would you like to recover most of the monies lost in a customer chargeback?

  • Are you concerned over your ongoing risk exposure to chargeback losses?

    “Join us today, and we will make your card transactions secure by providing professional recourse to remedy all disputed transaction”

Transmedia is a Credit card Chargeback loss prevention consulting firm. 
Our practice is focused in the areas of Card Association dispute resolution guidelines & regulation, Regulation E & Z of the fair credit acts, and extensive fraud investigation.

With the expertise in these areas, we have developed procedures and methods  to effectively recover / prevent definite losses to Merchants, Acquirers, or Issuers.  We currently serve Merchants, Acquirers, Issuers, and law enforcement agencies.

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