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Testimonials & References

Adam N. Atlas Attorney At Law
Legal Editor of The Green Sheet & and the Editor in Chief of The Frontier Times

Transmedia is one of the gurus in the rules of the merchant acquiring business in America. I have had the pleasure of working with Transmedia on a number of deals and legal issues during the past two years. As a merchant acquiring industry attorney, I always enjoy working with Transmedia because they have a thirst for knowledge in the industry which makes our work together an engaging intellectual challenge. Their specific knowledge of the rules concerning chargebacks is a rare find outside of a bank.
Adam N. Atlas, Esq.
Electronic payments lawyer
Tel: 514-842-0886

The Brennes-Jones Group
Registered MSP of Moneris Solutions
Recently, we ran into a situation involving significant potential chargeback losses. Transmedia handled these special circumstance chargebacks for us, and helped us recover 43% of those almost certain losses. Their expertise, professionalism, and follow-through were invaluable to us, financially, and operationally.
Rick Brennes

Fidelity Payment Services
Registered MSP of Chase Merchant Services
Being in the merchant service business, we have been working with Transmedia for the past two years. Transmedia handles our entire Chargeback and risk department and we rely on them on a daily basis. Having dealt with Transmedia on over 5000 cases, they have proven to be no less then a pioneer in their practice. We would absolutely recommend them to every mail order merchant. Their service is a must and not an option! They have demonstrated a high level integrity and professionalism. They have successfully proven to recover and reverse the most difficult chargeback situations into the merchants favor. They have managed to discover very unlikable fraud cases. Thanks to Transmedia we have been capable to provide our customers a added value to our merchant service.
Benjamin Weiser

Lenfex Group
At first we were reluctant to outsource our chargebacks and transaction verification. We didnít want to lose control of the process or to depend on an outsourced decision. In reality, working with Transmedia has proven to be very beneficial to our company. They have a great deal of experience and knowledge as well as being able to accommodate risk monitoring. We are able to focus our business in lieu of having to get ďcaught upĒ in the day-to-day chargeback processing. We have not only been able to reduce staffing costs but have been able to minimize losses. We are extremely pleased with the results and would encourage others to use Transmedia as their chargeback processing solution.
Lenny Valdberg

So far Iím more than satisfied, and think you offer a very important service for a very reasonable price! Being a software developer Iíve faced many chargebacks on my merchant account. Since Iíve signed up, Iíve managed to reduce lots of chargebacks and enforced my cancellation policy. Thank you for the excellent service you provide. This should become a standard for businesses to protect us from the customers we shouldnít have done business with.
Sinai Ober

New Brunswick Hotel and Convention Center
We appreciate the professionalism and effectiveness of your services which has been very effective. Thanks so much for your work which is now allowing us to do our business under the terms we always tried to. I would definitely recommend this service to any business who is accepting credit cards. You are a voice that cannot be ignored! Itís been a pleasure working with you from day one and we donít understand how we could manage without you!
John Lopez
Vice President

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